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My New NU team

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My New NU team

Post by Hurricane Arcena on Tue May 15, 2012 6:40 pm

Swellow, Flame Orb, Jolly, Guts, 252Attk, 252Speed, 4Def
Façade, Brave Bird, U-turn, Protect/Quick Attack
The regular Dual Stab Guts boosted swellow with U-turn for scouting purposes

Floatzel, Choice Band, Jolly, Swift Swim, 252Attk, 252Speed, 4Hp
Waterfall, Crunch, Return, Aqua Jet/Switcheroo
Want to use Water Veil instead of Swift Swim but don't have a suitable set in mind. Please suggest one

Gardevoir, Choice Specs, Timid, Trace 252Sp.Attk, 252Speed, 4Hp
Trick, Psychic, Focus Blast, Shadow Ball
A good Special Attacker with good coverage and Trace as an ability

Zangoose, Life Orb, Jolly, Immunity/Toxic Boost, 252Attk, 252Speed, 4Def
Swords Dance, Return, Close Combat, Night Slash
Since I already have 2 physical Attackers in Swellow and Floatzel I'm thinking of replacing Zangoose for a Special Attacker. Please tell me a suitable Special Attacker.

Regice, Leftovers, Modest, Clear Body, 248Hp, 252Sp.Attk, 8Sp.Def
Rest, Sleep Talk, Thuderbolt, Ice Beam
Thinking of making this a Defensive set but have no sets in mind right now. Please suggest improvements or a new set for the above pokemon

My 6th Slot is a problem. Regice is Specially Defensive and If zangoose is replaced with a Special Attacker i'll have a good offensive core. I need a defensive monster in the 6th Slot capable of taking hits and setting up hazards/special conditions

I hope i'll get the help i need
-Hurricane Arcena

Hurricane Arcena

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Re: My New NU team

Post by Rocklugia on Tue May 15, 2012 10:08 pm

I don't know anything about nu but props fors using specs gardevoir, my fav poke

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Re: My New NU team

Post by Delkoism on Thu May 17, 2012 5:50 am

I don't play NU, but if you're looking for a physically defensive pokemon that can set up SR, then perhaps Golem or Regirock can work.

Oh, and on Regice you can consider Charge Beam > Thunderbolt, so it can boosts it SAtk stat with the potential of sweeping.


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Re: My New NU team

Post by Dean Blaid on Thu May 17, 2012 6:07 am

I like using a max max Impish Metang with Stealth Rocks, Toxic, Meteor Mash, and Earthquake

Dean Blaid

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Re: My New NU team

Post by snecols on Thu May 24, 2012 2:22 am

I've used Bastiodon to fill just such a role on NU teams before. He's a defensive beast, can set up SR and taunt, and can endure at least one hit thanks to sturdy and either set up or KO with metal burst. The pesky 4X weak to ground and fighting is a bitch, but otherwise he's a great defensive poke.


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Re: My New NU team

Post by Sponsored content

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