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Watch out cause u got to beat the last elite :)

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Watch out cause u got to beat the last elite :)

Post by Dueed on Wed May 16, 2012 6:36 am

For the Gym leaders a message to you:
I am grateful to all you gym leaders. You all have shown your power and have made all the elites proud , but I'm sure you all will train hard and learn from different people and Pokémon and follow your path.

A message to the elites:
You are powerful and have shown your strength so now watch the show and be prepared to be amused.

To the trainer:
Say now, how about a match with the strongest Trainer in the Battle Stormers region?"
~Never bring hack pokemon
~always follow the claus
~Smogon rules to be followed also
~no dc
~If it is a tie i win
~No hacked pokemon
~any arguments u will be disqualified
~at all times have fun if you are not having fun{then your out of here}
~Good Luck and Have Fun


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