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Welcome to my OCEAN of TERROR!!!

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Welcome to my OCEAN of TERROR!!!

Post by Hurricane Arcena on Wed May 16, 2012 6:47 am

The picture above was made by Emeral
Well, well Stormer, I must say you've done amazingly well to get this far..... Well your happiness ends HERE because in this Ocean all you little and puny Stormers will have to fight with all your might against the MIGHTY HURRICANE!! Let me tell you this for free: It isn't going to be easy!!
Now let's get down to the rules to be followed in this OCEAN OF TERROR
1.No Hacks allowed(If i suspect any hacks you lose)
2.Please follow the clauses you've been following all throughout your challenge over here as well(They're to long to write so please follow them)
3.Ruleset (BW OU, UU etc....) will be set upon challenging me
4.If it is a Draw you don't go through(0-0 score doesn't get you through)
5.No crying when you lose(Come on stormers it's already an OCEAN out here!!)
6.The most important rule in this BIG BLUE LAND is to always have fun(If i think tht you're not having fun you're outta here!!)
Those are the rules in this Ocean
Good Luck to all the stormers trying to challenge the MIGHTY HURRICANE!!(You'll need more than tht to get past me!!)
-The great Hurricane himself, Arcena

Hurricane Arcena

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