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Help and FAQ Empty Help and FAQ

Post by Dueed on Mon May 07, 2012 3:54 am

Hi guys,

You may ask your questions here, in this post.
If you have and want to ask questions please ask the moderators and admins in the chat.


How do we battle gym battles?
If the gym leader is online or has a thread in his/her rules for requesting battles you may ask him/her for a battle.

Do I have to battles Gym Leaders in order?
I'm afraid so my Little Stormers... You have to battle them in order..

When do i battle Elite-4's?
You may battle the Elite-4 once you defeat all the Gym Leaders and feel ready to battle him/her.

How do i become the champion, E4 or Gym Leaders?
You may become Gym Leader if you ask Dueed or the Admins. If you are good enough to be a Elite-4 the admins will make you one. After u beat the Champion and the Elite-4, you will be given the title champion.

What rules should I use when I battle the Gym Leaders, Elite's and Champion?
You will use the rules that the leader has requested or posted. If you do not follow those rules you will be disqualified.

How do i take part or START a tournament?
You can take part or start a tournament if u ask the admins. To take part u have to go to the post; tournament and reply with your answer.

How do i become a tier champ?
To become a tier champ you have to come out victorious of a tournament in the forum.

What is a Battle Stormer?
A Battle Stormer is the next set of pro trainers which you will take on on this forum {they are better than the E4}. You can become one by asking the admins or battling the admins

What is the "Inter Forum Team"?
The Inter Forum Team consist of a group of 8 trainers that have been chosen to represent the forum in the Inter Site War.

How do i become an Admin or Moderator?
You can become a mod or admin by gaining the trust of the owner and co-owners

Who are the Admins?
Dueed, Arcena and Majormaru912
{there are much more to come}



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